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Our Declaration




When in the course of service to one’s country a gap emerges between those who suffer to defend the Nation and those who profit from a Nation so secured, it becomes necessary to reinforce the bonds of a unified society with reinvigorated devotion to the families who have borne battle’s terrible brunt, so led and manifested by those few in a fragmented society who see through social theatrics to the permanent things that bind us together as people of United States. We hold these truths to be self-deceptive: that the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are indeed endowed by our Creator--but certainly not bestowed without the enforcing responsibilities of sacrifice, service, and the pursuit of selfless harvests that truly yield the victorious freedom for the spirit of mankind for all--except those who lay down their innocence for their countrymen.


When the ballast of rights versus responsibility becomes so imbalanced that an ever smaller portion of society bears the responsibility while an ever growing portion asserts their rights, natural law dictates that the diminishing number of those willing to sacrifice will experience extraordinary indifference or cruelty from the absconders with life, liberty, and happiness. Once an existential tipping point is crossed, no repentance is offered or received, and the servants become immolated by the fruitlessness of their experience. The highways of society are marked by signs and turn-offs before such a Nation reaches such a point, and it remains the responsibility of a free people to turn back before the moral black hole of depravity consumes.


Today we note the highway signs before us. Our weakest statistics suggest that the average rate of veteran suicide doesn’t begin to accurately describe the problem in the USA—that in the past decade our servicemen and women have immolated themselves at over twice the rate of all combat casualties suffered in the Vietnam War. If we as a free people do not turn our society around soon, the next decade presents the potential to surpass the combined combat deaths of Vietnam, Korea, World War 2, and more as our shame is surpassed only by our indifference toward those who pay the price for our freedoms once and then once again.


We the people of the Warrior Healing Center who, determined to take responsibility for ourselves and our posterity, hereby declare Cochise County as our battleground for turning around the moral decadence of our Nation’s path where we further declare our veterans and their families as our protected population for which we shall spare no effort or expense to save from that morass of vicissitudes. We devote ourselves to the preservation of a Green Zone at our Warrior Healing Center from which we shall launch all necessary missions to fight for, with, and through our county’s veteran families for the purpose of safeguarding them who have safeguarded this Nation. 


We see the darkness falling across our land, but we have seen the light behind it shining brighter. We see the hope stolen from the hearts of the courageous, but we retain steadfast hope in the principles which made will keep us free. If the light of the torch from that great Statue of Liberty should burn with the fury of a thousand suns for a thousand years, may the men and women who serve in uniform in the centuries to come look to this day and find our resolve in the face of tidal waves of hopeless self-directed violence and declare, “This was our Veterans’ finest hour.”

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