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The Warrior Healing Center houses multiple veteran-oriented partners and partners with other local and national organizations. Read about these organizations and how they help veterans below. 


These partners are located within the Warrior Healing Center building. Sharing space allows for easy coordination of services, allowing us to provide services without giving veterans 10 new phone numbers to try because they're just down the hall! Listed in alphabetical order. 

AFA Cochise Chapter.jpg

Suite: 6

AFA's Mission is to promote dominant U.S. Air & Space Forces as the foundation of a strong National Defense; to honor and support our Airmen, Guardians, and their Families; and to remember and respect our enduring Heritage.

AFA Chapter 107

George Castle President

AARP Logo Services.png

Suites: 1, 4, 11, 15


1 February - 15 April each year, AARP provides free tax preparation for the community at WHC. This amazing crew of number-crunching volunteers is ready to tackle your tax filing needs to make sure your numbers line up for Uncle Sam.

If you are paying taxes to the State of Arizona, please remember that Warrior Healing Project is a 501c3 AND a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO), which means you can get a tax credit if you donate to WHP to FIGHT for local veterans! WHP's QCO code is: 22467 - be sure to include that on your AZ Tax Form 321. Ask the tax team if you have any questions!

Schedule your appointment by calling:

520-352-9514 or schedule online soon - appointments are limited!

Tax Guy (and USAF Veteran) Ted Manolas coordinates this effort each year!


​Suite: 22

AMVETS (American Veterans) is the nation’s most inclusive Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization, representing the interests of 20 million veterans. AMVETS is open to and fighting for all who honorably served in the United States military, including the Reserve and Guard. With more than 250,000 members nationwide, we are veterans serving veterans.

Locally the team works with WHC to provide scholarships for high school seniors who are children or grandchildren of active duty service members and veterans. 


Preston Scull 1st Vice Commander


Phone: 520–234–0985

Angelstorm's Warrior Legacy Project

Suite: 27


Angelstorm's Photography creates! Between podcasting with veterans and creating amazing printed posters and transcribed interviews with local veterans, Angelstorms has been a force for good at WHC!

Theresa Grimm Owner

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 2.20.13 PM.png

​Suite: 3

ARIZONA@WORK supports veterans by providing support programs that increase opportunities to obtain employment and job training in Arizona. Eligible veterans are entitled to receive priority services in job referrals and training, as well as other employment services.

Local veteran DVOPs, Kevin and Jerry are ready to see you at WHC to understand your needs and to help you pursue your next position!

Jerry Currier:

Kevin McFadden:

arizona army national guard incr width.png

​Suite: 40

The Arizona Army National Guard is a part-time state-based military component that serves under the command of the state governor to respond to natural disasters or other state emergencies AND can be activated to defend the nation when needed. WHC has donated an office to the Arizona Army National Guard for several years now, and the recruiters who work out of this office have done a fantastic job reaching out to support the local community.

SSG Carl Grewe Arizona Army National Guard Recruiter


AZHTI logo v2_edited_edited.png

​Suites: 19, 39

Arizona Healthcare Training Institute provides phlebotomy training at WHC for individuals seeking an Arizona Phlebotomy Technician Certificate as preparation for a medical career.

Marie Steinberg Owner

Email: 520-227-8112 


Suite: 20

CLUG manages a computer lab at WHC where veterans can utilize the internet to search for jobs, pursue education and connect with resources. The CLUG crew removes Windows from donated computers and installs Linux, and then they provide those computers to organizations and veterans who need them. CLUG teaches users how to use Linux, and the group holds monthly meetings at WHC, where they present topics on the Linux operating system followed by discussion.

Rex Bouwense President



Suite: 44

The Combat Vets Motorcycle Association (CVMA) (and their Auxiliary) Chapter 32-4 is located at WHC, from where they provide the following services: ​

  • Promotion of patriotism, honor and selfless service

  • Provision of basic necessities for veterans in need

  • Support at memorial services to honor fallen veterans

  • Donation of veteran organization and event security 

  • Scholarships for combat-wounded veterans and dependents

Chapter: 32-4 - The Huachuca Mountain Chapter


purple heart.jpg

Suite: 4


Combat Wounded Cruise annually sends wounded warriors and their caregivers on a weeklong cruise at no cost to them to improve and enhance the lives of veterans and their families. During the cruise, these Purple Heart recipients and their caregiver spouses are invited to attend several gatherings that provide healing and networking opportunities.

J.J. O'Connor President

Phone: 470–265–2383


White Square.png

Dance On

​Suite: 31

Dance On offers a unique opportunity to learn basic dancing moves in a hula class and a belly dancing class. This organization will get you to SHIMMY with them! It's proven to be a great option for some physical activity, lots of laughs, and music for many veterans! Dancing HEALS...

Come join the fun - weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at WHC.

Tanya Biami Dance Coordinator & Instructor


Flutes-For-Vets Logo.jpg

Flutes for Vets - FFV

Suite: 31

This musical group of veterans meets weekly to get lost in the music! Give it a try - they will teach you how to play the Native American Flute, and if you complete 12 classes, you earn a beautifully hand-carved wooden flute to continue to "blow away your demons," as one veteran puts it. No prior musical training necessary. We'll save you a seat!

Ben Middleton Instructor Wednesday afternoons

Lynn Rhoesler Instructor Thursday evenings


Suite: 5


Gunny's BBQ serves up BBQ so good, your tongue slaps your brain! From his office at WHC, Gunny has been a big help to other veterans running small businesses! Gunny's delicious eats are available for events and catering. 

Louie Aviles Owner

Phone: 520–220–3055


Healing with Art

Suites: 10 and 19

At WHC, it has become very clear that creative activities pull veterans out of their own heads and give them something cool to focus on. WHC welcomes in artists who would like to share their craft with others! Currently WHC offers crafting classes twice monthly on Tuesday mornings!

Michele Emerson-Roberts Art Instructor Extraordinaire


Health from Home

Suite: 21

Local Army veteran and Nurse Practitioner, Jason Steinberg, offers office hours at WHC weekly to assist veterans with health concerns.

Jason Steinberg Nurse Practitioner

Phone: 520-226-0490

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 3.42.27 PM.png

Suite: 14

Hero PAWS provides assistance, work, and service to our heroes by matching veterans and first responders with rescue dogs and then trains the handler with their dog so the dog can become a service animal. WHC has watched this program begin, and continues to be amazed at the transformation seen by providing veterans with this furry and loyal tool to help them get through the day!

Leslie Bryant Founder & Trainer

Phone: 520–999–7725

HerosHealingHeros Logo H30.png

Suite: 2

Heroes Healing Heroes Outdoors (H3O) finds healing through camaraderie and nature! This awesome organization provides fully-assisted hunting—and other outdoor—expeditions for disabled veterans and disadvantaged first responders.

Gary Linendoll President



Suite: 18

The Marine Corps League (MCL) joins together in camaraderie and fellowship to preserve the traditions and interests of the USMC. The detachment collaborates closely with veteran organizations at WHC to serve Marines and their families. In support of all veteran families, MCL proudly organizes scholarships for veterans and the children and grandchildren of veterans and also helps to coordinate the annual Toys for Tots drive.

Join the Marines on Mondays at 0900 at the Landmark Cafe and on 4th Tuesdays at 1900 at WHC.

Thunder Mountain Detachment #1283

Stu Brock Commandant

Phone: 520-456-5720

Rising Eagle Studios Logo Attempt 2.png

Rising Eagle Studios

Suite: 26

Rising Eagle Studios exists to give veterans a voice! This program is open to all veterans/families, veteran organizations, and organizations who support veterans. Warrior Healing Center has created a user-friendly studio to help you get your message out across several social media platforms via livestream and podcast communications.

To learn more or get involved, contact:!

Suite: 14

Touching 2 Lives at Once, Soldier's Best Friend operates out of WHC to pair and train service dogs with eligible veterans at no cost to the veteran. 

Leslie Bryant Trainer 

Phone: 757-560-5383

team rubicon logo.png

Suite: 15

The veteran-led humanitarian organization Team Rubicon responds to and rehabilitates communities after disasters. As part of WHC, TR aids and leads community betterment projects. 

Barry Pemberton Clay Hunt Fellow 

Arizona State Administrator


synergy home care logo.png

Suite: 23

Life moves in one direction – forward. No matter what each person’s circumstances are, SYNERGY HomeCare steps in with effective, comforting, life-affirming care that moves people, and their loved ones, emotionally and physically forward. From personal assistance and companionship to live-in and end-of-life comfort care, we provide the extra help needed to propel everyone safely and confidently to their fullest potential.

Kelly & Mike Hyman Owners

Phone: 520–685–1035

Thistle-Rose Healing Energies

Suite: 8

Are you a veteran who could benefit from an energy change?! Check in with Malissa and Glenn, who teach QiGong and Tai Chi classes at the Center, and also provide Reiki treatments at no charge for veterans/family members! This is an easy introduction to some of the Eastern healing/health modalities that you might just find work very well to help with pain, sadness, lethargy and more! 

VeloVetsSV logo.png

Suite: 6

VVSV is an amazing crew of veterans who are on their bikes every Wednesday and Saturday morning cranking out the miles, sharing in laughter and camaraderie, and supporting local coffee establishments to break up the miles! This team cycling program emphasizes participation for veterans of all abilities.

Stu Carter President & Founder


Facebook: VeloVets Sierra Vista

VC logo_on white.png

Suite: 37

WHC is thrilled to collaborate with the Vet Center, and is even more thrilled that the Vet Center will soon be opening an outpost right here in Sierra Vista to serve the local veteran community! This is a much needed service, and WHC has recognized that and donated an office and use of the building to the Tucson Vet Center for the past several years.


Currently, Readjustment Counselor Christopher Sullins, LCSW facilitates a weekly Vietnam Veterans Recovery and Support group every Tuesday at WHC and sees individual clients as well.


Veterans who would like to utilize these services should contact the main number for the Tucson Vet Center at 520-882-0333 to determine their eligibility for counseling.

Eligible veterans include those who served in any combat theater/area of hostility and those who experienced military sexual trauma. There are some other eligibilities listed under 

VBOC Logo.png

Suite: 23

The VBOC provides business training and counseling services to active duty personnel, veterans from any era, and military spouses who want to learn more about, then start and grow a small business of their own. If these qualifications apply and you are local to Cochise County, stop on in at WHC to meet with Ken to enroll in the next Boots to Business class and collaborate with local business advisors who can help you get your business off to a great start!

Ken James Senior Small Business Advisor

Phone: 480-688-7378

Victory Healing Garden pic for website.jpg

Victory Healing Garden


The Victory Healing Garden Crew are veterans and volunteers who have come together to dig their fingers into the dirt to grow nutritious and healing produce and herbs! This team of life-long learners and teachers are turning this amazing gift from Girl Scout Junior Troop 104 (March 2021) who earned their Bronze Award by creating garden beds for WHC into food that supplements the Warrior Pantry. What an awesome community project!


Vietnam Veterans of America - VVA

Suite: 43

The Vietnam Veterans of America (and the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America - AVVA) work to care for local veterans who served in and during the Vietnam War. We owe these veterans a very special debt, as they served their country, some by draft, and returned home during a difficult time in our nation's history.

WHC is proud to have VVA/AVVA as part of the team collaborating in unique ways to assist local veterans with everything from camaraderie and social needs to dealing with the challenges faced by this generation of veterans.

Cochise County Chapter 1093

Bill Beecher President

Phone: 520–559–1193

White Square.png

Warrior Education & Assistance Project

Suite: 7

​Warrior Education & Assistance Project provides awesome resources that are hugely needed by veterans in this community. This amazing crew is assisting veterans by teaching the basics of household legal and financial needs:

  • Financial 101 is a monthly seminar that introduces veterans and veteran family members to household budgeting and budgeting to manage tight funds in the current inflationary economy

  • Estate Planning 101 offers insights and planning needed to make challenging end of life trials a little less stressful for surviving family members by laying out appropriate directives that will meet legal requirements to ensure that plans are understood and carried out

  • Veterans Benefits seminars clear up a lot of misconceptions and disinformation that is out there relating to the VA Benefits that many veterans have earned but are not yet receiving at the appropriate level

This team also provides assistance:

  • Navigating the bureaucratic maze that surviving family members of veterans who have passed must face

  • Creating publicly available legal documents (wills, etc). 

  • Notarizing documents at no charge for veterans and their family members

Michelle Mietzner Founder

Phone: 520–233–1699

White Square.png

Warrior Pantry

Suites: 28, 38​

WHC was asked to open up a food pantry in 2019 to assist veterans in our community who are in need of some nutrition support upon the heels of a food pantry on post closing its doors; ​the Warrior Pantry was born.


The Warrior Pantry is managed by volunteers who have created an array of programs that help keep the food moving in from this amazing community of generous souls and out to the veteran families who need nutritional and emotional TLC in their bellies!

Warrior Pantry Team



Women Warriors

Suite: 9

Women Warriors supports Southeastern Arizona's female Veteran community as they strive to reach their highest potential. Women Warriors' vision is to address female Veterans well-being through education, coordination of support, aid and relief to eradicate financial and housing insecurity.

Julia Henry Cochise County Coordinator



The building is only so big, so we cant get everyone under one roof, but we hold events or have other kinds of partnerships with the following organizations and individuals. 


ACMF is a statewide organization that connects veterans with resources throughout Arizona through its Be Connected Initiative and surveying. 

White Square.png

HOOVES – Horses Offering Our Vets Equine Services

  • Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Certified Programs 

  • Human-Horse Ground Experience

Honor Flight Logo.jpg

Honor Flights (HF) honors veterans by coordinating flights to the Washington DC monuments commemorating their service. 

Southern Arizona

White Square.png

MASK Therapy - Lifecasting


Chapter 572 Auxiliary

The MIlitary Order of the Purple HEard (MOPHA) provides;  

  • Scholarships for Veterans, Children and Grandchildren of Veterans

  • Work with Schools and Other Organizations to Promote US History and the Quest for Freedom 

  • Emergency Food Assistance

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Research and Return Lost or Stolen Purple Heart Medals

  • Crisis Intervention for Veterans and Family Members

  • Emergency Home Repair Assistance

  • Service Documentation Assistance from National Archives and Social Security

  • Emergency Food Assistance

MOAA – Military Officers Assn of America, Coronado Chapter


  • Scholarships for Veterans, Children and Grandchildren of Veterans 

  • Active Duty to Civilian Transition Assistance and workships – Warrior Transition Workshops

  • Financial & Investment Planning 

  • Tax Preparation, Real Estate Assistance, Retirement Planning

  • CRDP (Concurrent Retirement & Disability Pay) & CRSC (Combat-Related Special Compensation) Ambassador

OTHV – Operation Toothbrush for Homeless Veterans

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NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness

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RWB – Team Red, White and Blue, Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista

  • Leadership Development Program

  • Sports/Fitness Community Social & Service Events (Yoga, Cycling, Hiking, Running, Bowling)

WACVA-AWU – Women’s Army Corps Veteran’s Association —Army Women United

Resources for Female Veterans to Regain Self-Esteem, Trust, Honor & Dignity

WGLG – Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC

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WWA-Warrior Wives Academy 

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