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The Warrior Healing Center's goal is to reduce the number of veteran suicides to zero. We are starting with Cochise County, but hold that goal for hte nation. 

Major Initatives

The Warrior Healing Center serves three major purposes that support our goal of eliminating veteran suicide in Cochise County; Crisis intervention, Command and Control, and One-Stop-Shop. All three major activities come from a lack sen in the community, fill service gaps, and improve service access and quality.


Crisis Intervention

The WHC implements Psychological First Aid (PFA). Veterans who come to the WHC complete an intake form that provides a quick snapshot of their immediate needs. They are then paired with our case manager, who creates a plan utilizing WHC and WHC partner resources to meet immediate and long-term needs that facilitate veteran success.    

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Command & Control

Before the WHC, the Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) with a presence in Sierra Vista and Cochise County operated as many individuals rather than building a strong network. The WHC provides improved communication between VSOs by uniting the organizations under one roof and building a social network of services so veterans can easily find and access VSOs that meet their needs.


One-Stop Shop

With so many VSOs under one roof, we can send them down the hall instead of giving a list of disconnected phone numbers and email addresses that bounce back. On the way there, we can stop at the Computer Room to print off some forms, take a break in the Library, and grab a snack in the Rec room. 

Areas of Effect

We believe in evidence-based interventions. While suicide is largely considered a mental health issue, mental health is only part of a complicated equation. Acute stressful life events, low socioeconomic status, hopelessness, and a history of abuse are all better predictors than mental health-related diagnoses in isolation. Therefore, we provide daily activities that address the larger underlying causes of suicide by avoiding or aiding in resolving stressful life events and improving socioeconomic status through direct aid and skills acquisition. Daily activities address one of more of these areas of effect.

1 / Chamraderie

We develop camaraderie through events; social cohesion improves resilience to stressful life events and reduces hopelessness.

2 / Financial Security

Most stressful events in adulthood are financial. We improve financial security with direct financial aid and education for long-term financial success. 

3 / Food Security

We resolve food security by having frozen homemade Grab-and-Go meals available in our Rec Room freezer, maintaining the Warrior Pantry, which holds basic pantry needs and holding community meals.  

4 / Hygiene and Dignity

We have a free clothing closet, shower facility, and free toiletries to get veterans looking and feeling so fresh and so clean [clean]. 

5 / Technology & Skills

For better or worse, computer and internet access is required for many daily life activites and are often expensive or may be challening to maintain for other reasons. We have free internet and provide access to printers and computers and assitance with using the technology. 

6 / Mental Health

Mental health is a a broad and complicated issue. The WHC matches veterans with mental health organizations from the traditional methods of therapy and support groups provided by WHC partners, to the spiritual, such as faith counseling, meditation, yoga, art, music, dance, and more.

Daily Activites

We have three kinds of daily activities here; First, rooms or services that are available for use or o be booked while the center is open, second, events held by the WHC or by partners in the WHC, and third, activities by our partners in their rooms. 


The WHC maintains rooms with purpose. Here are some of the rooms and what they provide.

Community Rec Room
  • Grab-and-go frozen meals

  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more

  • Snacks, often baked goods

  • Comfy couchs 

  • Charging Center

  • Anti-Gravity Massage Chair​

Victory Healing Garden
  • ​Clothing Closet

  • Shower Facility & Toiletries 

  • Warrior Healing Pantry. Food Bank ​

Teleconferencing Center
Meeting Rooms. 
  • Confrence rooms available for booking.

Computer Room.
  • Desktop Computer with internet access

  • Printing Lab

  • Books available for check out​

  • Games

  • Art supplies (pens, coloring books). 

Events &
Live Streams


The WHC holds events and provides space for partners to hold events. See the Events Calendar for up-to-date event information, but here are a few of the larger categories of events we hold: 

  • Community meals. Food and Camaraderie. 

  • Support Groups. Partner organizations hold support groups for female veterans, veterans with PTSD, and more. 

  • Art & Music. Partner organizations hold art therapy classes teaching painting and other artistic skills, Native American flute, and hand drum classes.

  • Movement. The WHC holds belly dance, yoga, and other movement events. A body in motion stays in motion! 

  • Social. Game nights and more. 

Live Streams

The WHC has a broadcasting stuido from which veterans make podcasts and youtube videos. See our live stream archive on Youtube

Partner Activites

E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. One of our major initiatives is uniting the VSOs in the area and creating a one stop shop for veterans. We have over 50 VSOs in residence at the WHC, with even more holding regular events. See our partners list for a deeper look at what the partners do, and for infomation on becoming a WHC partner. 

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