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Understanding Suicide: The Anatomy of the Soul's Circulatory System ©

Updated: Jul 8

The intricate connections between physical health and psychological well-being are undeniable. Just as the human body relies on a circulatory system to pump blood, deliver nutrients, and sustain life, the soul depends on an equally complex psychological circulatory system. When the human soul’s circulatory system encounters blockages, poisons, or losses, the consequences can be catastrophic, leading to severe crises, such as the profound despair often culminating in suicide. This article explores the parallels between physical and psychological circulatory systems, the critical role of identity in health, and coping strategies for desperation and hopelessness.

Identity forms the core of our psychological circulatory system. It is through self-awareness and purpose that we build resilience and mental fortitude. A strong, coherent sense of self is akin to a robust heart—capable of withstanding external pressures and internal conflicts. Conversely, when identity is fragmented or obscured by psychological trauma, it disrupts the soul’s circulatory flow, leaving one vulnerable to disorders such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Experiencing the soul dying, or soul disease, invokes a profound emotional turmoil. Desperation grows as each unsuccessful attempt to restore psychological equilibrium feels like trying to breathe in an oxygen-deprived environment. This suffocating sensation can intensify feelings of hopelessness, akin to the terror of drowning, leading the person deeper into the abyss of despair.

Recognizing the signs of psychological distress and intervening with appropriate coping strategies is crucial. Effective measures can include therapy, medication, support groups, and mindfulness practices, but personal relationships and community connections are vital. Building a strong support network and engaging in activities that foster purpose and identity can help reinforce the soul’s circulatory system. Additionally, crisis intervention resources are essential for those experiencing acute episodes of distress.

Soul disease, comparable to chronic circulatory diseases like arteriosclerosis, manifests through persistent psychological distress. Symptoms include pervasive feelings of sadness, a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, severe anxiety, and a profound sense of hopelessness. This deteriorating mental state can be as debilitating as physical illnesses, diminishing the quality of life and impeding everyday functioning.

In the realm of human physiology, the circulatory system is essential for distributing oxygen and nutrients via the blood. Similarly, the soul’s circulatory system is responsible for maintaining emotional and psychological health. The soul's heart can be metaphorically represented by one's identity, which drives the essence of existence, self-awareness, and purpose. When this system is healthy, it provides emotional equilibrium and resilience. However, blockages such as psychological trauma, toxic relationships, or unresolved grief can obstruct this flow, leading to psychological illnesses akin to the body suffering from occluded arteries or veins.

The analogy of blood loss within the body can be extended to the psychological realm through the metaphor of soul bleed. When a person faces severe emotional trauma or loss of identity, it can feel like an arterial bleed of the soul. Just as physical blood loss demands immediate intervention to prevent death, an acute crisis such as suicidal ideation requires urgent support. The overwhelming need to address this psychological hemorrhage can overshadow all other aspects of life, much like how the body’s priority shifts to stopping a grievous physical wound.

Just as the body’s circulatory system is vital for life, the soul’s psychological circulatory system is indispensable for mental well-being. Identity forms the heart of this system, and when it falters, the whole system is at risk of collapse. Recognizing and addressing blockages, poison, and blood loss within the soul’s circulatory system is imperative for preventing soul disease and mitigating the risk of suicide. With the right support and interventions, it is possible to heal and reinvigorate the soul, fostering a life full of meaning and emotional health.

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